Your Journey

If you’re passionate about personal development…

If you’re ambitious, driven,  and committed to living an amazing life…

And if you realize that your big moments offer you the the greatest opportunity for fulfillment, advancement, and wealth…

Then all I have to say is, “What are you doing out there?  Come on in already!”


You’re in the minority.  No disrespect whatsoever to the masses, but what you have is special.  It’s rare these days that a person has the true desire to improve themselves, to build an amazing lifestyle, and to evolve as a person, even if it means facing pressure situations head on, like you do.

Stress Becomes Power is a blog I’ve created to complement my brand, Peak Under Pressure, a company that helps guys cultivate social confidence to help them thrive.

But Stress Becomes Power is for men and women, a tribe of individuals who seek challenge, the obstacles, and use them as a platform for building an amazing life.

Personally, I grew up awkward, timid and anxious.  It took years, but by pushing myself through discomfort, I’ve cultivated powerful strategies that not only have changed my life for the better, but more significantly, translate optimally to those I serve (free & paid alike).

In my own life, whether it was experiencing over a hundred thirty rejections performing cold sales as a 16 year old kid before contributing to over $187k in sales in under 7 weeks…  Or being laughed at as a speaker with over two-thousand eyeballs transfixed on me, only to transform myself into a successful speaker…  I’ve seen the power of embracing stressful challenges first hand.

Countless experiences like these, combined with years of rigorous study, gives me the platform to teach people powerful personal development strategies the them grow, prosper, and become more confident.

Regardless of where you’re currently at, and regardless of what your personal goals are, what I know about you is this: With enough persistence combined with a strategic plan, you can thrive.  It’s my goal to help you on your journey, if it’s you’re pleasure to allow me to do so.

If you want the most out of life, subscribe now so you can receive powerful blog posts designed to take you to the next level.

To your highest potential,
Jason Rogers




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